JavaScript for Beginners

JavaScript for Beginners teaches students how to embed JavaScript into HTML code, hide JavaScript from old browsers, use JavaScript to extract information from web pages, use pop up windows to communicate with and convey information to users, redirect users to other websites and arrange variables and prompts into interactive messages between webmaster and user. Students create an onscreen JavaScript calculator, annotate links in the status bar, produce an interactive picture gallery, make one image rollover into another, and program banners to automatically rotate. Students need access to an IBM compatible computer, a JavaScript-enabled web browser and Notepad, the text file editor.

vangogh3.jpg (40KB)

If your browser is JavaScript-enabled then the above image will roll-into a second one when you move your mouse over the image. Removing the mouse will cause the original image to reappear. The JavaScript that creates this effect is the subject of one of the exercises in JavaScript for Beginners.

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