XHTML for Beginners

In XHTML for Beginners students learn how to write XHTML code, declare document type, content, character set and XML namespace, provide web page metadata such as description, keywords and author, program links, images and audio, nest tags, include attributes, and add and use cascading style sheets. In the process, students build a website consisting of a central home page with links to ten further pages they create during the course, as well as to two Internet pages and to one external style sheet. The course assumes students have access to an IBM compatible computer, an Internet browser and Notepad, the text file editor.

As in other russellboyle.com courses, student learning is "scaffolded" in XHTML for Beginners. The exercises are interspersed with detailed notes that explain and review important concepts and with questions that reinforce student skills.

In 2009 XHTML for Beginners replaced HTML for Beginners.

XHTML demonstration

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